Why Is Brazilian Ipe Wood Best For Decking Project?

Ipe decking is quite literally the best decking that your money can buy. Ipe is one of the long-lasting hardwoods around the world. The wood has these naturally impressive qualities:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Bug resistant
  • Weather resistant

What makes Ipe wood best for decking projects is, it doesn’t support mold growth. One of the densest and hardest woods around the world is the Brazilian walnut that makes all the ipe hardwood decking Florida sold here comes from legal distributors and manufacturers in Central South America.

Brazilian Walnut

Brazilian walnut is known as the gold standard of all the hardwood decking materials. The hardwood is known as the Ironwood, no matter what name it went by when you want a deck that lasts for a lifetime.

Ipe decking stack up

There is a reason why ipe is specialized in. For this reason, it is hands down the best option for decking. No wood lasts for long and costs as little over its lifespan. The manufacturers work hard not just to provide the best type of wood, but to provide the highest quality boards as well.

How is Ipe wood used for decking?

Here is how Ipe wood is used for decking:

  • Material selection. Choose a high-quality Ipe wood to ensure its real natural resistance character.
  • Deck design. You need to plan for the deck design and consider various factors, such as:
  • layout
  • size
  • any specific features

Ipe wood is known in various dimensions.

  • Installation. For the installation process, you need to use stainless steel or any other corrosion-resistant fasteners to keep from corrosion and staining. The natural oil contained in Ipe wood reacts with certain metals. You can also install the Ipe wood boards with a slight gap between them, allowing for natural expansion and contraction because of the changes in humidity and temperature. Start to pre-drill holes for screws to minimize the risk of splitting.
  • Frame and joint construction. Construct a sturdy structure using pressure-treated lumber or any other suitable materials. The frame provides proper support for Ipe wood decking. You can ensure adequate ventilation under the deck to keep moisture buildup.
  • Finishing. Ipe wood is rich with dark brown color maintained through the regular applications of UV-resistant deck finishes or any sealers. But, if it is left untreated, Ipe wood gradually ages to a silver-gray patina. Some people prefer the natural weathering of an Ipe wood, while others may select to apply a finish on the preservation of the original color.

Take note that not all pieces of wood are the same, quality varies greatly and when purchasing from a reputable source that saves you time and money.