Understanding The Long-Term Impact Of Pool Repair In Rock Hill

In addition to designing and installing pools, local swimming pool companies can help with renovations, water testing, cleaning, and maintenance. They can also assist with zoning verification letters and permits.

When searching for swimming pool contractors to create your backyard oasis, ensure they share your aesthetic. Request pricing estimates from several professionals to compare.

Water Heater

Swimming pools are a popular way to spend the summer and can add to your home’s resale value. However, not maintaining your pool properly can cause problems with the water quality and the safety of everyone who uses it. Leaving your pool’s construction and repairs to a professional is best.

Besides removing dirt and insects, a filter pump helps combat algae growth. While you can do this by throwing in a few chlorine tablets, it will only work somewhat, as will a properly functioning pool filter.

Travel bans and canceled vacations led to a spike in new pool purchases. But this increase in demand was paired with factory shutdowns due to COVID-19. The result is exceptionally high liner shortages and long wait times for installations. This is expected to last well into 2022. Changing your pool’s decking is another Structural pool repair in Rock Hill that could significantly improve your pool’s look.


Whether your pool has a sand or cartridge-based system, the filter must be cleaned regularly. Dirty and clogged filters will not work efficiently and can be expensive to replace. Soak your filter with a product like Granular Filter Cleaner to cleanse the wrinkles and remove minerals that cause it to clog. Then hose it down and reinstall.

If your sand or DE filter isn’t backwashing well, check the internal parts of the tank for cracks and damage. The filter will not hold air pressure if the manifold is cracked or leaking. Check for a missing or broken o-ring on the multiport valve, which can affect the filter’s performance.

If you are planning a new pool, a Rock Hill pool builder can help you design it and ensure it is built correctly. They can analyze your yard and aesthetic wishes, then create a plan that suits those criteria. They can also aid in the installation of your pool.


The pump, the beating heart of your pool, is responsible for pulling water in from the filtration system, circulating it, and keeping your pool clean and clear. As high-use equipment that is constantly exposed to the elements, your pool’s pump can often begin wearing over time and may require replacement.

Your pump’s loud screeching and grinding sounds are an early warning sign that it requires a new motor. If your pump can’t start, it likely has an electrical issue that can lead to dangerous electrocution and costly damage.

Hire a Rock Hill swimming pool company to help design, construct, and renovate your backyard retreat to ensure your pool is ready for a relaxing summer. To find the best swimming pool builders in Rock Hill, browse photos of pools they’ve created on Houzz and ask for project estimates. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, meet with a few to see which ones share your aesthetic.


The water heater is a critical pool part that can significantly impact how long the equipment lasts. Too much stress on the system can cause it to work too hard, straining the components and reducing their lifespans. Over time, the heater can also develop calcium deposits and other problems if improperly maintained.

A professional Rock Hill swimming pool contractor can help you plan your outdoor space and aesthetic wishes to create a customized pool. They can also assist with cleaning, water testing, and renovation services. Some may even provide maintenance, equipment replacement, and pool repair in Rock Hill.

A pool can add to your property’s value, especially in areas with high real estate prices. However, poorly maintained pools can also decrease your home’s resale value. Having the right pool builder in Rock Hill is essential to getting the most out of your investment.