Trenchless Pipe Repair Solution: Your Trenchless Plumbing Services

A method of repairing sewer pipes without destructively digging and removing large flooring, walls, and foundations to expose the building’s pipe is called trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless construction produces underground tunnels that are slightly larger than the line being installed. The pipeline is placed in these tunnels while the surface stays unaffected. When there is a broken sewer line in the house, it causes a wince or shudder.

When there is an existing plumbing issue, it is one of the worst that the average homeowner is dealing with. Trenchless Pipe Repair in Sacramento works for your damaged sewer line, repair is performed through the following:

  • digging up the property
  • excavating the clogged-up line
  • replacing it with a new one

The entire pipeline repair process is done by a certified plumbing specialist. You would consider hiring a certified plumbing specialist when you find a sheer amount of damage to your property. But, this would not be the case anymore, excavation is not necessarily a thing of the past, some processes repair a damaged sewer line while lessening the invasive impact on the property.

Trenchless sewer repair methods

There are two types of trenchless pipe repair, these are:

  • Pipelining. It is a process that uses a thin pipe liner to fill up and cover entirely inside of the existing sewage to spill out into the property. The liner is flexible and soft, it is imbued with resin that hardens into the water-tight seal once dry. The liner is fed through the segment of the damaged line by a winch tool and inflated once in place. It forces the liner to fill the inside sewer line when it dries. When dried, the liner provides a water-tight new sewer line using the old line. The method is particularly popular for fixing things, such as:
    • Minor leaks
    • Small cracks
    • Wear and tear
    • Pipe bursting

The pipe lining can’t be used in many situations. If the situation is that the line is structurally deficient or too badly damaged, the pipe lining method can’t fix the problem. You need a different method of sewer repair.

  • Trenchless pipe burstin The second method is pipe bursting for trenchless pipe repair and it involves tearing apart the old sewer line, while immediately replacing it with a new one. The pipe bursting process uses an extremely hard metal bursting head that is fed through the damaged sewer line using an ultra-strong winch. The bursting head tears apart the existing line and leaves a gap in the ground. But, attached to the bursting head is a flexible but solid new line, which will be laid in its place.

When the bursting head is pulled completely, the new line is attached to both ends. The process is faster than a pipe lining and it is a great way to completely repair any lines that are damaged beyond repair, including the pipe lining that can’t get fixed. But, it leaves bits of old lines buried underground. It doesn’t solve issues like:

  • poor structure
  • poor routing
  • sagging

These problems can only be resolved through a complete excavation and reinstallation of a new sewer line.