Bed Bugs

How to Know It’s Time to Reach Out to a Pest Control Company in Naperville

The majority of people in Naperville expect the need to contact a pest control company at some point. However, you may not be able to determine which pet issues require professional intervention and what can be handled by yourself. Some pests are common in the area, but a lot of the state’s most destructive pests keep themselves hidden. This makes it important to know what exactly to look for whenever you examine your house for pests. Also, if you need the assistance of a pest control expert, you can just click

What to expect if your home is infested with pests? When should you engage an exterminator? As a Naperville resident, you should know the type of pests that pose an immediate risk to your house and loved ones. Below are signs you need to contact a pest control company:

You Find Mud Tubes

Mud Tubes

Termites tend to travel from their colonies to homes and vice versa through mud tubes. Often, such tubes are the first noticeable signs of an infestation you might notice. Mud tubes are often found in the foundation of a house, including the block wall. Check out visible support beams and joists to find these tubes. 

Termites can do serious damage to the structure of your house over time. So, you should be vigilant about checking your house at least two times every year for signs of a termite activity. This way, you can take preventative measures by letting a pest control expert carry out a yearly inspection of your house. 

You Have Bed Bugs

These bugs can hitch a ride on your luggage following a trip or through your visitors. Bed bugs love zippers and can enter your house on used furniture, clothing, or mattresses. 

While adult bed bugs can be seen by the human eye, they can hide and come out at night. A lot of homeowners only realize they have a bed bug issue once they begin to notice bug bites on their skin. Usually, such bites are present in small lines or clusters on the skin. To find signs of bed bugs, check your house and mattresses. If you think these tiny pests have taken up residence in your house, contact a pest control company right away.

You Notice More and More Spiders Each Day

Finding occasional spiders can be normal in the area. However, if you notice a huge number of these pests in and around the house, contact an exterminator immediately to examine your house for them. Naperville is home to the black widow spider, which can be found in the garage and your home’s cluttered corners. Although the bites of these spiders can lead to minor swelling and redness initially, dull muscle pain may spread to your entire body from the bite area after a few minutes or an hour. Their bites can be particularly dangerous to young kids and the elderly.