Strategic tree removal to increase your property value 

Having trees on your property is both a blessing and a curse. Trees provide shade, beauty, and environmental benefits. Meanwhile, they require maintenance, damage infrastructure, and obstruct views and curb appeal. You want to strike the right balance as a homeowner. Keeping some trees and removing others can increase the value of your property.

Impact of trees on property value

Research shows that trees on your property increase its value by as much as 15%. Mature, well-placed trees increase a property’s value and aesthetic appeal. Too many large trees close to the house or blocking a scenic view lowers its value. Dead, damaged, or dying trees reduce curb appeal. Overgrown trees make a property look unkempt. Professional tree removal services evaluate your landscape and determine which trees enhance or detract from property value. 

  • Dead, damaged, or diseased trees – These pose safety issues and give a neglected appearance.
  • Trees too close to the home or infrastructure – They may interfere with the foundation, sidewalk, powerlines, or roof. 
  • Fast-growing nuisance trees – Certain invasive species like Bradford pears grow aggressively and are prone to breaking.
  • Trees blocking views – They prevent homeowners and potential buyers from appreciating vistas.
  • Overgrown trees – Pruning may help but removing them entirely opens up the landscape.

How tree removal services work?

Empire Tree removal by a professional company is safe and efficient once you decide which trees to remove. 

  • Inspect – Evaluate tree health and structural defects. Assess potential obstacles.
  • Develop a plan – Determine best practices for that specific tree and location.
  • Remove – Take down the tree in sections, protecting surrounding vegetation.
  • Clean up – Chip branches and trunks, leave woodchips unless requested otherwise.  
  • Stump grind – Extract the remaining stump below ground level. 

Large mature trees that require more equipment and time to remove safely will fall at the higher end of the price spectrum. Expect to pay more for additional services like stump grinding or hauling away wood debris. Most tree removal services provide free estimates.

How tree removal opens up curb appeal?

Removing select trees opens up sight lines and creates attractive vistas. Your home is more visible from the street, showcasing architecture and landscape design. The interior of the home also seems brighter and more spacious without trees blocking natural light. Widening narrow spaces makes rooms appear larger too.

Once unwanted trees are extracted, you better showcase the remaining trees and gardens. Without overgrown trees dominating the yard, you add new architectural elements like:

  • Flower beds
  • Water features like fountains 
  • Ornamental structures such as arbors or benches
  • Stone accent walls or pathways
  • Vegetable or herb gardens

Replacement trees and shrubs planted in more optimal spots to frame the home. Work with a professional landscaper to develop a new landscape design post-tree removal.

Gone are the days of large trees obstructing your home’s facade or overgrown landscaping hiding architectural features. By removing selected mature trees, your home’s best qualities shine. Renewed curb appeal and opened sightlines give prospective buyers a grand view as they enter the property. A tree removal service helps lay the groundwork for a stunning landscape.