Shapes Of Inground Swimming Pools

Inground swimming pools come in a variety of shapes. Rectangular, Oval and Figure-8 are popular options. In addition to these shapes, there are also novelty shapes, which are custom designs. The heart shape is popular because of its symbolism, and the actor Engelbert Humperdinck even bought one and auctioned it off on QVC. A Kidney-shaped pool is unusual, but still has a lot of appeal.


If you’re thinking of building an inground swimming pool for your home, you may be wondering about the pros and cons of oval pools. Oval pools are generally big and spacious, so they’re perfect for large backyards. These pools are often surrounded by palm trees and waterfalls, making them a backyard oasis. Oval pools are also cheaper than round pools, and they may fit better in your yard.


There are many different types of inground swimming pools, and rectangles are the most common. Rectangular shapes are timeless, and will never go out of style. You can build a swimming pool with a simple rectangle shape, or you can opt for a custom-designed one. Rectangular pools have many different variations, including lap pools, which are long, skinny rectangles. They double as a small oasis, and they are also great for athletes. A soft radius corner design makes this shape an excellent choice for an inground pool. In addition, you can even incorporate an automatic cover system into a two-foot radius corner rectangle.


One style of inground swimming pool that has many benefits is the Figure-8. As the name implies, it looks like an eight, with its wide ends and narrower middle. The Figure-8 shape is ideal for families, as it can separate the shallow end from the deeper end, creating a great swimming area for the whole family. This design also makes for excellent landscaping possibilities, as the indentations on the sides make for perfect spots for shrubbery.


There are several different ways to customize the kidney shape of your inground swimming pool. One option is to install a spa in the indented portion of the pool. Another option is to place unique furniture in the space. Light green tiles are commonly used on the floor of a swimming pool with a kidney shape, which makes the water appear cool and refreshing. Using a kidney shape also gives you the option to put features like steps or a spa off to one side. This option is a great budget-friendly option, as it offers more swimming space for less perimeter footage.


When you’re planning to install an inground swimming pool, a square shape will be a great choice. Square swimming pools offer an attractive look that matches the rest of your landscape, and they’re perfect for family and guest bathing. When you’re thinking about the design, however, you might want to consider other factors, like the use and maintenance of your new pool. The shape of your swimming pool will also determine how much space it requires, so you should consider the following points before deciding on a style.

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