Preparing For The Carpet Cleaning Service

Before hiring a carpet cleaning service, you should prepare the area for cleaning. Clear away any items that could cause tripping hazards. Make sure all shoes and bags are put away and that no furniture is left on the carpet. If you have any furniture, move it away from the carpet so it won’t get wet and damaged during the cleaning. Also, make sure you protect any valuables in the area from damage.


Before a carpet cleaning service arrives, you should vacuum your carpet to remove loose dirt and dust. You should also move any furniture to be cleaned. You should ask your carpet cleaning service about their pre-visit checklist, as some companies do not want you to do this. You can also choose whether you want to vacuum the carpet before they come. However, most companies will do this for you. To avoid additional fees, vacuuming before a carpet cleaning service visit is a good idea.

Moving furniture

You might need to move furniture before a carpet cleaning service comes to your home. Typically, a carpet cleaning company will move up to six or ten pieces of furniture, but it could be as little as three or four pieces for a small bedroom. Be sure to take out any knick-knacks from the floor, and make sure the floors are clear of debris. Be sure to remove all electronics and breakables before the carpet cleaning service arrives.

Protecting valuables

When hiring a carpet cleaning service, be sure to protect valuable items before the technicians arrive. While carpet cleaners are very careful, fragile objects, and other valuable items should be removed or placed in a safe place. During the cleaning process, the front door is likely to be open. Be sure to remove any items that can break, or have a lot of value. Make sure to keep all valuables out of the working area until the cleaning service finishes.


A pet can leave a lot of dander and hair on carpets and rugs, and you’ll likely need to prepare your carpets for a deep cleaning by vacuuming. You can also remove any small furniture to make the deep cleaning easier. Be sure to keep a supply of cleaning products near the entrance to ensure that you can reward your pets for good behavior. Pets can also be quite smelly, so you’ll want to clean frequently to remove the dirt and bacteria they leave behind. Professional rug cleaning services are essential for pet owners, ensuring that rugs remain fresh, clean, and free from the challenges that come with pet-related messes


Before a carpet cleaning service can begin cleaning your carpet, it is helpful to declutter the area. The carpet cleaning professionals use long hoses and cords to clean your carpet, so small items may be a tripping hazard. To prevent this, remove anything from the area that you don’t want cleaned. You can also vacuum the area before the carpet cleaning service arrives. Moving smaller items can also help speed up the process.

Avoiding walking on damp carpet

As much as possible, avoid walking on the freshly cleaned carpet. This will leave you plodding around with wet socks! Wait for a couple of days before putting your furniture back. If you do get a carpet cleaning service, you can ask them to place waterproof protectors under the legs of your furniture. Then, simply replace the furniture after the carpet has dried completely. It’s important to remember that these waterproof protectors won’t be effective for long.

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