Five Home Features That Will Help You To Unwind

A living space should be one that is conducive to wellness. Homes are, by their very nature, designed to feel safe and comfortable. In addition to the basic amenities and features that support such contentedness, like effective insulation and suitable furniture, there are other additions that can go beyond our basic need for comfort and can actually benefit and improve our wellbeing.

If you feel that your home’s living spaces could do more to help you unwind or are curious as to how others are designing indulgent and beneficial properties, then we have five features that you will want to know about.


A portmanteau of spa and bathroom, the emphasis on indulgence in the bathroom has become an online trend. Now, interior designers are going beyond the practical considerations of a bathroom space and seeking to make them exquisite. This ensures that even a simple bath is a restorative experience.

While much a spathroom’s character will come from the decadence of large baths and stylish decor, one of the most effective additions to help residents unwind is a diffuser. These aromatic purchases are safer alternatives to candles and will help to keep the room constantly feeling cosy.

Reading Nook

Creating a space that is free of digital distractions, perhaps one that is dedicated to reading and relaxation, helps residents to escape from the pacing and stress of modern life. Such spaces can be best added to a garden in the form of log cabins, since these are separate from the central home and allow residents to actively escape into a room dedicated entirely to restoration and tranquillity.

While reading nooks will benefit from being in spaces filled with natural light, some are choosing to create them in hidden spaces and secret rooms. Such designs rely on artificial lighting but can feel like a true escape, where even other residents can find and disturb you.

Underfloor Heating

With chilly winters ahead, many will already be thinking about their home’s heating system. While some are contended to put on a jumper and sit closely to the radiator, others are seeing the wonder of underfloor heating.

This technology is now easy to install and increasingly affordable, meaning that high-quality and indulgent home heating systems are no longer exclusive to the extremely wealthy.


While yet to take over the UK as it has in other parts of the world, the bidet is a more progressive, environmentally friendly, and healthier alternative to conventional toilet paper. These bespoke features improve hygiene and add a statement piece to bathroom spaces, with homeowners able to demonstrate their attention to body care, one that helps them to feel even better.

Natural Materials

Even high-quality artificial fabrics seldom hold a candle to the comfort and cosiness of natural materials. For homeowners to truly relax, they should embrace these organic and naturally sourced fibres, filling their homes with decadent rugs and blankets, all of which help to create an environment of calm, one that is connected with nature.